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kathy aoki: stefani gem stone

Stefani Gem Stone
etched glass in acrylic case

Authentic reproduction of the 20” cubic zirconium discovered within the Gwen Stefani Mortuary Temple in 2468 AD.
Kathy Aoki received her M.F.A. in printmaking from Washington University in St. Louis in 1994. For the past 15 years, Aoki has exhibited her work in local, national, and international venues. You can find her prints and artist books in numerous permanent collections such as the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco, the Harvard University Art Museums, Yale University, and the City of Seattle. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Santa Clara University. Her most recent project is “The Museum of Historical Makeovers,” an ersatz museum in which displays of falsified historical documents and artifacts celebrate beauty and pop culture.

sarah filley: emergency survival kit

Emergency Kit
Contains over 40 items researced by the Preparedness Division of Elktech. Bonus items addressed special needs of children, infants, dogs, as well as assorted adult comforts. Everyone seems to have a different “Kit.” All of them are woefully incomplete. The fallacy of lone survival, so popular in this culture, bellies the real need for community involvement, self-reliance tempered with interdependence.

Sarah Filley’s art practice focuses on conceptual ideas realized through sculptural objects, musical scores, and civic collaborations. She has created ElkTech, a research and art entity with critical and somewhat ambiguous corporate ambitions, as an umbrella company in order to contextualize her life-use oriented items which blur the line between art, design, and product.

johanna poethig: lick me to heaven

WIGband: “Lick Me to Heaven”
audio CD

WIGband was created by Johanna Poethig and Barbara Golden in 1985. Over the last two decades WIGband has used a mélange of multi media (installation, film, video, song, slides, props) to get their “trashy feminist” point across. Seriously silly and tasteless Wigband is known for its in your face satire of life’s everyday imposed conformities and across the globe obscene politics. Motivated by the most personal experiences WIGband is about living in this era as women, our physical needs and obsessions and our uninhibited intelligence. WIGband’s Barbara “Bambi” Golden, at fabulous 61, is a “born again” artiste who wrote her first song at 40, and a much married ex-housewife/schoolteacher from Montreal who has produced everything from a music/recipe book to works of experimental music. Johanna “Silver” Poethig, daughter of missionaries, periodically impersonates General Douglas MacArthur and is a well known visual and public artist.

ernest jolly: cloud prints

unique prints, each 4.25″ x 5″
12 total

The artwork of Oakland-based artist Ernest Jolly explores the relationship between organic forms and manmade structures in shape, sound, and light. Through complex surface treatments, Jolly creates an illusion of fragile delicacy that appears almost organic.

evan jourdan + heidi anderson: collages

Man hat bird
4″ x 6″
Vellum, acid free paper and glue, colored tissue paper, and museum board backing
$20- $40

Owl Moon
4″ x 6″
Vellum, acid free paper and glue, colored tissue paper, and museum board backing
$20 – $40

evan jourdan + heidi anderson: pinatas

Two headed clown
10″ x 10″
Altered Pinata
Tissue paper and cardboard

Boy Dog
9″ x 9″
Altered Pinata
Tissue paper and cardboard

Star Head Doll
9″ x 9″
Altered Pinata
Tissue paper and cardboard

lexa walsh

merav tzur: pill mancala organizer

scott tsuchitani: perpetual foreigner

silkscreen on t-shirt

My work is, in part, about creating space from the margins in the mainstream, creating space in the culture, whether it be that of family, community, or mass media, for all of us to be just as we are, rather than how the dominant culture tells us to be. http://www.scotttsuchitani.com

tina takemoto: drawings

soy sauce on paper

Tina Takemoto is an interdisciplinary writer, theorist, and performance artist whose work explores issues of illness, gender, race, and queer identity. http://www.ttakemoto.com