SHADOWSHOP FINAL DAYS Closing Event! April 28

Shadowshop is closing down after the month of April! Our official last day will be May 1 — International Worker’s Day — after being open for over five months as part of SFMOMA’s “The More Things Change” exhibition! We are inviting the artists and general public to come celebrate with us for our “FINAL DAYS” event on Thursday, April 28! Many of the works for sale were made exclusively for Shadowshop and won’t be found anywhere else. Help push us over $100,000 in sales, come support the efforts of over 200 artists, meet and mingle, and take advantage of a last chance to make purchases!

Thursday, April 28, 5 – 8:30pm
Fifth floor overlook gallery, SFMOMA
151 Third Street, San Francisco

5 – 7pm (approximately):
The Shadowshopper Network, a QVC-style performative event hosted by artists Packard Jennings, Steuart Pittman, and Scott Vermiere, will be live broadcasting from the site! Special guest artists will be interviewed and audience participation is encouraged!

Curator Talk on Shadowshop
Frank Smigiel, associate curator of public programs, SFMOMA

9pm onwards:
*Afterparty TBA!

Shadowshop artists receive free museum entry that night. General tickets to the museum are half-priced after 6pm. Free for museum members and guests.

Hope to see you there for the last hurrah!

SFMOMA site:
Facebook event page (invite your friends!):


MARCH RESIDENT ARTIST: Juan Luna-Avin: black markets and media bootlegs!

THIS THURSDAY, March 17 at SFMOMA: partake of our local black market at Shadowshop with special guest artist Juan Luna-Avin! Music compilations, bootlegs, clandestine vending, drinks and food on the rooftop garden courtesy of MeatPaper, and more!

5pm-8:30pm on the fifth floor of the museum. (the website says 6pm, but we’re open all day and if you get there early you get the DEALS!)

Join us for the launch of Juan Luna-Avin’s boxed music set “In Tepito We Trust,” Shadowshop’s third and final artist-commissioned project. “In Tepito We Trust” is inspired by the artist’s obsession with music collecting and Mexico City street markets. Named after Tepito, Mexico City’s black market district, the project explores the business — and art — of counterfeit goods in the underground economy. His box sets, produced in a limited edition of 10, will each feature five CDs of obscure and underground music by Latin American bands. In keeping with the theme of piracy, Luna-Avin has also invited local artists to create their own unique mix CDs that look like bootlegs, including cover art that reflects a DIY aesthetic and process such as a collage or handwritten song list on a piece of paper. Participants include: Jason Jagel, Julio Cesar Morales, Facundo Argañaraz, Joshua Pieper, Kyle Williams, Pablo Guardiola, and Jorge Nava, among others.

Luna-Avin is a multidisciplinary artist who examines individual and collective identities through the lens of youth cultures and rock ‘n’ roll music. This project is part of a current body of work that examines punk ideology and its relationship to his hometown of Mexico City. He is also part of the DJ-artist collective Club Unicornio, which plays rare, kitschy, and experimental music from Latin America.

Also featured: guest vendors from the Mills College MFA program!

Free with museum admission. Tickets are half price from 6pm onwards. Museum members free with one guest.

alena rudolph: potluck pals

Potluck Pals

The “Potluck Pal” Pie and Casserole Tote is an essential tool for insuring a spill-free transfer of your delicious kitchen creations to any party, picnic or celebration! An all-season, durable gift for any cook or party-goer!

laura splan: mirror mirror

Mirror Mirror
full-color book

Laura Splan’s conceptually based work employs a wide variety of materials and processes. She appropriates found images and objects from both institutional and vernacular sources. The result evokes conflicting responses that fluctuate between comfort and discomfort, humor and darkness, recognition and confusion. Splan’s work has been exhibited at the New York Hall of Science (NYC), Museum for Arts & Design (NYC), PM Gallery (London), Jönköpings County Museum (Sweden) and Caren Golden Fine Art (NYC).

jeff foye + gordon winiemko

Art Rocks
A set of two rocks and a map contained in a box

Each box of Art Rocks packages portable protest so that if California State legislators once again reduce state services and give money back to the wealthy, your voice can be heard loud and clear.
Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko create situations wherein an audience will reflect on their participatory role in the ever-changing cultural narrative; every one of us contributes to our collective culture, but at the same time we are all defined by culture. As such, their work frequently “takes on” the form of familiar social customs and iconography, and also enters into a dialogue with the site or the context in which the work is exhibited. The artists also forward their personae, and frequently mediate their performative actions through video, as informed by the cinematic aesthetic. The artists live and work in the Los Angeles area.

imin yeh: authentic handcarved woodblocks

Authentic Handcarved Woodblocks
5 x 5 inch
$20 each

Original hand carved woodblocks used in my larger projects, including wall installations, editioned prints, and fabric printing. Blocks are cut down to 5 x 5 inch squares and each block includes a Seal of Authenticity and Artist Stamp.
Imin Yeh works in the medium of woodcuts, screen prints, and downloadable craft projects to create large-scale installations and interactive artworks. Recently, she was awarded the Irvine Fellowship at the Sally and Don Lucas Artists Residency Programs, an international multi-disciplinary residency at Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California and was selected for one of ProArts Gallery in Oakland’s 2 x 2 Solos exhibition.

She is a recipient of the 2009 Barclay Simpson MFA Award (juried by Oakland Museum of the Art’s Senior Curator, Rene de Guzman and Barbara Goldstein, the Public Art Director of the city of San Jose), the San Francisco Foundation’s Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship (2008) and the Yozo Hamaguchi Endowed Scholarship in 2007.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has had recent exhibitions at the AbsoluteZero, a street festival component of 01SJ Biennale, Mission Cultural Center, ProArts Gallery in Oakland, 18 reasons, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Kearny Street Workshop, the Spare Room Project, and the Chinese Cultural Center. BA, University of Wisconsin, Madison; MFA, California College of the Arts. She lives and works in San Francisco and is currently the artist in residence at Mission Grafica at the Mission Cultural Center.

gabrielle teschner: make nation

Make Nation
small wooden sculpture kit in metal box
3.75” w 2.75” h .75” d
$30 each

Make Nation is a series of pocket-sized tins containing the three bars of a nation’s flag. Each colored bar of the flag is individually crafted from wood and can be rearranged and traded with bars from other kits to create other flags. Collect all 196.
Gabrielle Teschner is an artist living and working in the Bay Area from coastal Virginia. She received her BFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University, and her MFA in Sculpture from California College of the Arts. Much of her research is performed abroad. She works with maps, cultural architecture, and instructional texts on geometry, timepieces, and machine technology, illustrating the persistent mystery of our discoveries, and the stilling properties of the unknown.