johanna poethig: lick me to heaven

WIGband: “Lick Me to Heaven”
audio CD

WIGband was created by Johanna Poethig and Barbara Golden in 1985. Over the last two decades WIGband has used a mélange of multi media (installation, film, video, song, slides, props) to get their “trashy feminist” point across. Seriously silly and tasteless Wigband is known for its in your face satire of life’s everyday imposed conformities and across the globe obscene politics. Motivated by the most personal experiences WIGband is about living in this era as women, our physical needs and obsessions and our uninhibited intelligence. WIGband’s Barbara “Bambi” Golden, at fabulous 61, is a “born again” artiste who wrote her first song at 40, and a much married ex-housewife/schoolteacher from Montreal who has produced everything from a music/recipe book to works of experimental music. Johanna “Silver” Poethig, daughter of missionaries, periodically impersonates General Douglas MacArthur and is a well known visual and public artist.


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