action weaver travis meinolf: mini-laser loom

Mini-Laser Loom by Action Weaver Travis Meinolf for Shadowshop at SFMOMA
Colored lucite and Plywood laser-cut weaving, designed, manufactured and packaged by Action Weaver Travis Meinolf, with screenprinted instruction poster featuring drawings by Iris Benson.
$75 each

You can learn to weave with this simple loom designed by Action Weaver Travis Meinolf. Watch the instructional video at and see for yourself!
I weave and design looms because weaving is a pleasure and a political action that I want to introduce to as many people as possible. Through the motion of your hands and the investment of your time you produce tangible material, truly, and that is rare in this world. This simple, sensual, meditative repetitive action can be understood in opposition to contemporary industrial practices and has historically been used to great political and symbolic effect. I have been weaving since 2000. Born in Marin, living in Berlin.


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