christina empedocles: used art bits

“Used Art Bits”
bags of pink plastic lasercut acrylic birds
$5-$7 each

These Used Art Bits® are actual parts of what was once a real sculpture! In 2008, 750 pink, florescent birds were glued to a dead tree I chopped down from my brother’s backyard and dragged to Berkeley, California where it was exhibited for 30 days in the former location of the Alphonse Berber Gallery. Now that it’s been disassembled and the tree has long since gone into the woodchipper, I can pass these bits on to you. They may be dirty, cracked, or covered in glue, but that’s what makes them authentically used! I sincerely hope you’ll be able to find a place for them in your own art.
Christina Empedocles’ latest efforts strive to record a personal history signified by the ephemera of everyday, as it is culled from the bottom of purses, saved from pants pockets, or archived in a high-school bedroom. Together, it is at best, a fragmented record: evidence of dates, locations, and events forming a portrait of an individual absorbing the world through popular culture. The inherently temporary nature of the subject matter — receipts, paper tickets, and newspaper clippings — represents fleeting moments, while the work itself manifest as highly detailed and labored observations, demonstrates the lasting impression and significance those moments have made.


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