laura splan: reformations

Series of 10 unique collages on paper, framed in black metal frames, signed and dated on back.
7.25″w x 10.5″h

A series of collages that remix the visual iconography of beauty product advertising. Pseudo-scientific tropes emerge among technical diagrams, institutional devices, visceral drips and magical sparkles.
Laura Splan’s conceptually based work employs a wide variety of materials and processes. She appropriates found images and objects from both institutional and vernacular sources. The result evokes conflicting responses that fluctuate between comfort and discomfort, humor and darkness, recognition and confusion. Splan’s work has been exhibited at the New York Hall of Science (NYC), Museum for Arts & Design (NYC), PM Gallery (London), Jönköpings County Museum (Sweden) and Caren Golden Fine Art (NYC).


One response to “laura splan: reformations

  1. Absolutely love Laura Splan’s work and excited she’s a part of the shop.

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