ajit chauhan: puzzle pieces

Puzzle Pieces
altered album covers
$50 each

In general my work is about the temporal or ephemeral nature of things. I follow my interests & on a profound level it’s intuitive. My interest in ephemera is the breaking down or decomposition of forms. Aside from being essential, it’s a cascade of processes that go through distinct phases. I would like the work to fall down. Whether it’s the choice of materials (wax sculptures, drawings on found book pages) or the treatment of the surfaces (erased record covers) the work is always simply a moment in it’s transitory life. Something stamped with my two cents and released again. The idea of a piece as a frozen moment interests me. Realizing any work is showing all my limits in a given moment. And if it has any kind of resonance it’s because those limits themselves have an agency that is beyond me. www.jackhanley.com and www.ajitchauhan.com


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