rebeca bollinger: clouds, locks, sky and raindrops

Cloud, Handmade glazed ceramic : $34
Lock, Handmade glazed ceramic : $32
Sky and Raindrops, Gouache on paper, unglazed ceramics, plastic bag, label: $12

Rebeca Bollinger works with ceramics, collage, sculpture, drawing, animation and sculptural video projection. Her recent work translates 2 dimensional elements from her own photographic archive into objects made of clay, Plexiglas, wood, mirror, photos, glass, string, paper, paint, sequins and video. Bollinger has exhibited nationally and internationally including solo exhibitions at Henry Art Gallery (Seattle,) Feigen Contemporary (New York,) Rena Bransten Gallery (San Francisco,) and Walter Maciel Gallery (Los Angeles.) Her work has been featured in Art in the Anchorage (New York,) The California Biennial (OCMA,) Bay Area Now (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts,) and 010101: Art in Technological Times (SFMOMA.)


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