leah rosenberg: plates & napkin sets

Dessert Plates
Food-safe 6” or 8” hand painted dessert plates
$12 – $18 each

I wanted to make something that one could eat off of or hand on the wall. I work as a pastry chef at the Blue Bottle Rooftop café and thought ideally one would buy a dessert plate at Shadowshop and come over to the café to order some cake they could ask to have served on their striped cake. Delicious.

Each package contains 26 napkins in 13 assorted colors.
$8 a set

I hand embossed napkins with the phrase I Made This For You and repackaged them so each package would contain a riot of color.
Life is like the crust of the earth or the rings of a tree. Our experiences and emotions accumulate in layers. Moments follow moments, days upon days. A rush of passion builds over the sweep of a familiar song, which came after a morning of disappointment, which blanketed a dream of pure joy. My process combines systems of accumulation and layering techniques often through color and stripes, to explore how our experiences, emotions, and memories build up over time.

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Rosenberg received her MFA in 2008 from the California College of the Arts and her BFA in Visual Arts from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2003. She is an inter-media artist whose bodies of work combine systems of accumulation and elements of layering to explore how our experiences, emotions, and memories build up over time. Her paintings, paint-based sculptures and cakes have been exhibited throughout the US and Canada. She is currently employed as the assistant pastry chef at the Blue Bottle Coffee rooftop garden café at SFMOMA, creating desserts based on artworks of rotating museum exhibitions.


One response to “leah rosenberg: plates & napkin sets

  1. LOVE those little plates! gorgeous!

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