justin hoover: 100 performances for the hole

100 Performance for the Hole
DVD, 60 minutes

A compilation of 30 two-minute site-specific performances at The Garage Biennale, curated by Justin Hoover. A limited edition selection of performances from 100 Performances for the Hole at the Garage Biennale, 2008. In this DVD the viewer gets to witness the top thirty site-specific two-minute performances from the performance marathon including crashing cars, explosive firepits, and dancing schoolgirls, all in the name of conceptual art.

Justin Hoover is a Bay Area-born artist, curator and martial artist. In his artwork he explores concepts of immateriality through sculpture, works on paper, video, and performance. Born 1981, BA 2003 from Colgate University, MPA 2007 from Monterey Institute of International Studies, MFA 2009 from the San Francisco Art Institute, Justin works as Curator & Gallery Director at SOMArts Cultural Center, focusing on developing collaborative and experimental community-based curatorial projects. In addition to being the founder/director of Radical Practices Auction House (2009–present), and founder/director of the Garage Biennale (2004–2009), he is also, on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Art Institute. www.justinhoover.com


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