kelly lynn jones: a mediated living box

A Mediated Living Box
Unique boxed sets containing small sculptures and a 4 x 6″ photograph
in edition of 10 total, signed and numbered on the back
$75 each

– a moment is captured by a photograph
– the photograph’s image is searched through Google Images database
– someone else’s moment is discovered
– sculptures are created to depict this image of a stranger’s moment
– the original moment evolves into something entirely new

Kelly Lynn Jones uses her studio as the infrastructure to document an evolving process of making, breaking down, remaking, and repeating. Her “work space” exists next to the “designated art space”. The distinction between her studio and a finished art piece has blurred, yet are still contingent on one another. The action of developing a new physical situation and having to negotiate a conversation between process, place and object is what Jones is attempting to attain. She uses her personal landscape mediated through found images on the internet, by remaking objects found in photos and isolates them within a three dimensional space and ultimately bringing them back to an image. This slippage between the semblances of the real, authorship, and personal vs. public are highlighted through her process of making.


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