art for a democratic society: if you give a gay mouse a cookie

If You Give a Gay Mouse a Cookie
24 pages long
8.5″x5.5″ with color cardstock cover and black and white interior

“A Fable About Mice, Baked Goods, and Civil Rights”
Ever read the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?” It’s a classic children’s book, and while the illustrations are great we always thought the message was pretty cynical. This is our parody/riff on that story, using the familiar narrative to create an allegory about the gay rights movement, and civil rights movements in general. Ours is probably not best for children – maybe older children or read it with your children so you can help them understand it.

We based our story on a quote from the protests in Paris 1968, “With the eating, comes the hunger.” The idea being that in any political struggle, the more you win, the more you fight. So if you give a gay mouse the right to get married, then it might challenge traditional marriage, gender norms, cause people to fight for healthcare and childcare, lead to immigration reform – basically open up a revolutionary can of worms. As we’re in favor of opening up that can of worms, we made this zine to illustrate the idea.

Featuring Steve’s adorable mouse drawings.
Art for a Democratic Society is an organization based in Oakland, California that combines aspects of traditional grassroots political organizing with participatory performance art and social practice techniques.


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