art for a democratic society: letters from an old sell-out

Letters From an Old Sell-Out
35 pages, half letter size, black and white interior with color cardstock cover

This zine features essays and a short story from fictional character Todd Wupperman. Poking fun at both establishment liberals and conservatives, this zine is a parody of Todd Gitlin’s (former SDS founder and now sell-out) book, Letters to a Young Activist.

Features the essays:
A Letter to Young Activists
Why Do Protesters Have to Be So Demanding?
Green the Machine: Towards an Environmentally Sustainable War on Terror
An Inconvenient Man: How the Ralph Nader Documentary is Stealing Rentals From Al Gore’s Documentary

And the short story, featuring time travel and pop culture references galore:
You Don’t Need a Wupperman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Here’s the description from the back cover:
Todd Wupperman was a political organizer, student activist, and one of the original founders to the Radical Student Network. He is now an author, radio personality, and political commentator; best known for his syndicated liberal radio show “It’s Wupper-Time” and “Soy Milk With Todd Wupperman” on WXOO AM 510 ‘The Spot to Hear Things About Some Liberal Stuff on Your AM Dial’. Todd Wupperman was also host of Air America’s short-lived liberal morning zoo program: “Todd and the Endangered Asiatic Wild Dog in the Morning.”
…Todd Wupperman is the author of 37 books, including: What the Fuck Nebraska? Why States That Voted Republican Are Full of Ignorant Poor People, The Sixties: When the Establishment Said We Couldn’t Change the World and Why We Probably Should Have Listened, and the forthcoming book Environmotionalist.
Art for a Democratic Society is an organization based in Oakland, California that combines aspects of traditional grassroots political organizing with participatory performance art and social practice techniques.


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