alison pebworth: occular recovery packet

Occular Recovery Packet
Individually wrapped “Vintage 2004” 4-piece (pin, pamphlet, mini-chart, registration form) Promotional Packet for the Society for Occular Recovery
$8 each

Alison has been making “street side” projects locally and nationally since 2004 under the rubric of the Roadside Show & Tell, a series of interactive roadside attractions and related projects created in the spirit of the 19th century American traveling show. In 2006, she traveled cross-country for eight months developing Looking for Lost America, a research project of the Roadside Show and Tell. This trip was the inspiration for Beautiful Possibility, her current traveling exhibition and research project that took her on a five-month tour to eight venues across northern United States and southern Canada. The Center for Cultural Innovation has supported the Beautiful Possibility project through a Planning Grant (2007), Implementation Grant (2008) and Artistic Innovation Grant (2010). Southern Exposure in San Francisco launched Beautiful Possibility with an exhibition and printed catalog in Spring 2010.


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