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justin hoover: 100 performances for the hole

100 Performance for the Hole
DVD, 60 minutes

A compilation of 30 two-minute site-specific performances at The Garage Biennale, curated by Justin Hoover. A limited edition selection of performances from 100 Performances for the Hole at the Garage Biennale, 2008. In this DVD the viewer gets to witness the top thirty site-specific two-minute performances from the performance marathon including crashing cars, explosive firepits, and dancing schoolgirls, all in the name of conceptual art.

Justin Hoover is a Bay Area-born artist, curator and martial artist. In his artwork he explores concepts of immateriality through sculpture, works on paper, video, and performance. Born 1981, BA 2003 from Colgate University, MPA 2007 from Monterey Institute of International Studies, MFA 2009 from the San Francisco Art Institute, Justin works as Curator & Gallery Director at SOMArts Cultural Center, focusing on developing collaborative and experimental community-based curatorial projects. In addition to being the founder/director of Radical Practices Auction House (2009–present), and founder/director of the Garage Biennale (2004–2009), he is also, on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Art Institute. www.justinhoover.com


saiman li: mixed cds & dvds

mixed CDs and DVDs
$10 each

The CDs contain dj mixes and compilations of various genre of music from the artist’s digital & vinyl collections including idm, electro, minimal house, Asian pop, world beats, mash up, dubstep, jungle, psychedelic, cosmic disco & etc.

DVDs include:
‘My Different Color Days’ 21 min 2003 by Saiman Li
A documentary video of the artist’s performance project during which he went out to the world painted himself in red, blue, green or yellow from 1995-2001. The ‘colored man’ has traveled to New York, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Yosemite and San Francisco.

‘Rewind 2000’ (10 min 2005) by Saiman Li
A video montage created from a collection of the artist‘s super 8 & 16mm films and hi8 videos. It is a flashback of the artist’s projects and various events when he lived without a proper lease in a storefront in the Mission district, SF from1992-2001 prior eviction by the landlord.
Saiman Li aka dj sai216 is a visual artist and a working dj who currently resides in San Francisco. Mr. Li received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1993. His artwork encompasses photography, installation and performance. His work has been exhibited nationally in the U.S., including SF Camerawork, New Langton Arts and Bronx Museum of the Arts. In the past, he had deejayed at SF Asian Art Museum, SFMOMA and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for special events.

rebecca e. miller: beige revolution

Beige Revolution
DVD, 5 minute Flash animation

A remediated technical training video animation experiment
Rebecca E Miller is a native San Franciscan. She graduated from San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in 1998 and from Goldsmiths University of London with a MA in Media /Technology Theory and Practice in 2010. Her work explores the intersections where painting and new media meet. She does not restrict herself to any singular “medium” with an eclectic attitude, while remaining dedicated to her pursuit of the theory of painting. Rebecca’s work has been shown nationally and internationally and is currently in the collection of the Women’s Art Library/Make, Special Collections, The Library, Goldsmiths University of London.

terry berlier: broken piano solo performance

“Broken Piano solo performance”
DVD, 10:40 minutes

Luciano Chessa was invited to explore and respond to a defunct piano where many of the keys were nonfunctional before the piano’s parts will be reused elsewhere. Filmed by Terry Berlier
A commitment to remain human in an increasingly changing and hybridizing world, culture, and home is what helps me negotiate my place interpersonally and relationally to my studio practice and production as an artist. As innovations alter how we perceive and interact with the world, are we coming closer to or farther from understanding each other and the world around us? In continually mining this question I find the memory of time and history preserved in the natural environment surrounding us as a major theme in my practice.

anita chang: joyful life

54 minutes, DV, color, Minnan Taiwanese/Mandarin/Japanese w/Chinese & English subtitles

Joyful Life is a feature documentary in collaboration with Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) patients residing at Taiwan’s Lo-Sheng (“Joyful Life”), one of the few remaining sanatoriums in the world, on the verge of disappearing. Conceived as a collaboration among the residents of Lo-Sheng, a Taiwanese-American filmmaker, documentary students, and cultural workers, Joyful Life presents diverse perspectives of Lo-Sheng residents in the midst of their activism to preserve Lo-Sheng and not be moved to a nearby hospital. Filmmaker-lead workshops prepare residents for their own storytelling and filming – creating an intimate portrait of a historically marginalized community and their inspiring determination to protect what they call their home.

anita chang: 62 years and 6,500 miles between

52 minutes, 16mm, color, sound, Mandarin/Minnan Taiwanese/English, 2005

Amidst the political upheavals of a nation and the world, the filmmaker navigates cultural, geographical and linguistic distances in search of wisdom and hope from her 100 year-old Taiwanese activist grandmother (Ama).

anita chang: imagining place

DVD, 35 min., 16mm, color, sound, 1999
Available versions: 1) English language, 2) Chinese subtitles

For one year, with a curious eye and a curious mind, the filmmaker asks herself and a cross-section of individuals, “What does belonging feel like in America?” Amidst increasing social, technological and environmental fragmentation, Imagining Place invites audiences to examine their internal and external sense of place.