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kara maria: palette paintings

Palette Painting #2 – #151

The Palette Paintings represent an embrace of chance and indeterminacy in Maria’s artwork, inspired in part by the work of the 20th century composer John Cage. Each small painting is a detail taken arbitrarily from a larger environment. What begins as accidental is made purposeful through the process of selection. Stray marks, brushstrokes, and splotches of paint are grouped together to reveal miniature compositions that adhere to their own internal logic and structure.

Maria’s work can be found in public collections including the Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA; the di Rosa Preserve, Napa, CA; and the de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA. She earned a BA in Art Practice in 1993, followed by an MFA in 1998, both from the University of California, Berkeley. She is represented by the Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, CA. For more information, please visit www.karamaria.com.